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Unclear on the concept.

As it should be clear to anyone who has two neurons to rub together, Maximum Leader Genius is not the best-loved unelected despot that the United States has ever had. So, why does the Democratic leadership continue to treat the unelected coward as if he's got massive public support or even the moral right to continue to squat, like a ripe and runny turd, in the White House without even so much as a peep of disapproval from the allegedly-equal legislative branch of the government?

One would think it's a no-brainer. The asshole violated the constitution when he did blanket spying on American citizens, so the very least you can do is censure the son of a bitch for it. But, no, it wouldn't be prudent to support censuring the admitted criminal in the White House. (The Evil Party is, of course, supporting the criminals, because, shoot, that's what they do. It's their nature to be amoral at best, so you can't be surprised when they help the Coward in Chief commit treason; I expect(ed) better from the Democratic Party, which is why I don't support them anymore.)

These days I'm getting about 4 mailings a day from Democratic Senators and Representatives, all begging for money to help them continue to "fight the Republicans." Headlines like Democrats distanced themselves Monday from Wisconsin Sen. Russell Feingold's effort to censure... makes me wonder just what they consider "fighting" to be. Does "fighting" mean that they don't use their tongues when they kiss Karl Rove's pearly white asshole, or do they just say to themselves "we aren't enjoying this! No, really, we aren't!" while they're rimming him?


Two words: Max Cleland. Two more words: Faux News. It’s not so easy to screw up your courage when one coast-to-coast network is guaranteed to distort your words and positions, the others aren’t much better, and the Sunday morning shows are run by the likes of Russert The Amazing Shill.

On the other hand, if the Idiot Son drops much further in the polls, even wimpy Dems like Joe Biden might grow a spine. While we’re wishing for pink bunnies and rainbows, let’s all clap our hands and hope Joementum gets beat like a gong by Ned Lamont.

Francois Tue Mar 14 00:16:35 2006

But the problem is that the Mighty Wurlitzer will just make shit up no matter what you do. Max Cleland was a fairly hawkish senator, but that didn’t stop the Evil Party from claiming he was Osama bin Laden’s long-lost little brother. It’s been pretty obvious on the other side of the beltway that appeasement doesn’t work with the Evil Party, so my patience with the fools who let themselves be swayed by the kool kids is fairly low.

And, shoot, ~30% approval rating is right now there to the hardcore race bigots and eliminationists; if the Democrats can’t move on something like that (I have a special place in my heart for Joementum here; he had no trouble censuring Bill Clinton for a blowjob despite the >50% approval rating, but this timid “oh, no, he’s too popular” nonsense in the face of high treason and ~30% approval ratings, oh, I sure hope that there’s a G-d because Holy Joe’s going to be a pretty unhappy camper a few short hours after his heart stops beating) they won’t move on anything.

And, for what it’s worth, one of the Stupid Party shill letters I got yesterday was one asking for me to donate money to “abortion=bad, but Scalito=good” Casey, so the Democratic Party could continue to fight for, um, absolutely nothing that I care about in a government! As I’ve said recently, a spittle-flecked rage is now my normal reaction to the news, but I am still miffed that it should be my normal reaction to reading my mail.

David Parsons Tue Mar 14 13:16:30 2006

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