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Taking pictures where I can

Rain, work, and living in Southeast Portland doesn't leave me with many opportunities to take interesting pictures, so I have to grab my pictures where I can find them. The Ross Island bridge is always a good place for pictures if I don't mind having window reflections in the images; for the last couple of days, the rainclouds have broken up slightly around 5pm and give me some nice views of the nasty development that's going in at the north end of Macadam (a place which sucks dead bunnies through a straw transit-wise, and which will generate some scary Los Angeles-style congestion when it's built out (no, I don't think one Astra every 10 minutes will help with that congestion, and neither will the aerial tramway to OHSU))

But, be that as it may, I can get some pretty pictures as I go across the bridge, and on Wednesday I got a picture of the Zidell Marine marine crane, and the sunlight breaking through the clouds and shining on two of the ugly condominium towers that are spoiling the view to the south.