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The joy of living in an old house, pt n

There's nothing like coming home from work to realize that the sewer has decided that today is the best day for backing up into the house, and has announced it by bubbling up through the less-than-useful drain in the basement floor (it's set proud of the floor, so it isn't that great in the draining water away department, but it's really good for the traditional reverse geyser effect when a bathtub attempts to drain into a clogged sewer.

And, because it's an old house, we have to deal with the previous owners who decided to concrete over the sewer cleanout hatch, so when the sewer cleanout plumbers come in, they have to unfasten a toilet to get their pipes and drills into the sewer line. Sigh. Time to sacrifice another $300 (cash, because the roto-rooter people don't take credit) to the G-ds of not having our basement do a dramatic reenactment of the ninth ward.

Anyone looking for a large yellow house with some minor fixer-upper issues?


Could I get an "amen"?

I feel your pain. Oh, I do.

100 year old farmhouse, here.


Shit. You have NO IDEA.

patrick Tue Nov 22 09:23:33 2005

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