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“Unique”. Suuure it is.

The scumsucking excuse for a CIA director, B*sh junta member Porter Goss, has given a little speech that you've just got to hope he knew that he was lying when he made it. Why? Because, apparently, the CIA doesn't actually torture people, it just has "unique" ways to interrogate them. This revelation, coming in the middle of a speech where this mouthpiece of the Evil Party went on and on about how it would be wrong to have laws against torture, because the CIA needs the flexibility to be able to perform water torture, beat people to death, chain them outside in subzero weather, and crucify them.

You might wonder "but aren't these methods of interrogation actually torture?", but you aren't grasping the essential point of how the Evil Party works here. In the boring old days, deeds, not words, were the proof of any point, so when you were confronted with an interrogator torturing someone, that was prima facie evidence that they were actually torturing someone. But now, in the brave new world of the American Imperium, it's only torture if the interrogator isn't able to quickly erase the word torture and replace it with something innocent-sounding.

So, in newspeak

water torture:Obviously bad, because it mentions torture
waterboarding:Do you see the word torture? Of course not! So it's not torture, because it doesn't mention the word torture!.

I'm so proud to be an American citizen that I could just vomit.