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Bears and Steam

After coming up from Cheyenne via California, UP 3985 has been on display in the Union Pacific Albina yard. It's supposed to be leaving next thursday at 8am, so it's not likely that we'll go and see it (it's bad enough being awake at 8am, but to make matters worse both Russell and Silas have school. We'd have to excuse them from school and be awake and up at Albina yard (trying to navigate around the several hundred trainspotters who will be there with bold camera and automobile) to see the engine pull out sometime between 8am and 9am.) So we took today to run up to the yard and take a look at the large steam Eng!. Since Paddington Bear is visiting for the weekend, we had to take him along as well (Dust Mite stayed home), and the three of them posed by 3985's pilot.