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Steam locomotives for lunch

At lunchtime today, I went across the river and spent a hour sitting down by the ex-Southern Pacific mainline, waiting for something to come by.

When I got there, there were no steam engines to be seen, but a freight train was parked on the mainline waiting for clearance to go north. After about half an hour, it tooted, then picked up and ran north towards the UP Albina yards about as fast as it was allowed to go (~40mph, I think.)

I then waited for another half an hour before the (not really a) mallet poked its snoot around the corner leading to Brooklyn Yard. The 3985 wasn't moving nearly as fast as the diesels were moving, so I got a chance to take a few more pictures as it came by.


This is me being all GREEN with envy.

When I lived in Illinois, I missed my opportunity to see a UP Big Boy in operation. I didn't hear about it until a news report after the fact. And yes, for some things, I am a size queen. :)


Lynn Dobbs Sat Sep 10 09:14:14 2005

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