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Compare and Contrast (pt 9)

Say you're a governor of a southern state that's just been hit by a category 4 hurricane. Perhaps some federal assistance, or even attention, would be in order?

Democratic Governor Evil Party Governor
She says that two days after Katrina, desperate for help, she couldn't get through to Bush and didn't get a callback; hours later, she tried again, and they talked. Barbour hasn't had to wait hours to talk to Bush. In fact, Barbour said in an interview with USA TODAY, the president called him three to four times in the wake of Katrina. "I never called him. He always called me," he said.

It might be excusable if Mississippi had a major city 80% underwater and Louisiana did not, but, alas, this is not the case. And it's not as if the Democratic governor hadn't done the paperwork that gave the feds permission to swoop right in and assist with the recovery. Even knowing that the DHH and their syphilitic minions at FEMA were paying about the same amount of attention (and that would be none, in case you're wondering) to both states, if Maximum Leader Genius could have taken time out of his busy vacation schedule to call his bloated crony in Mississippi three or four times, he could have taken additional time to call Blanco at least once.

But that's not how the Evil Party works. Flooding New Orleans, well, sure, it's icky in that B*sh has to take time out of his vacation to arrange photo ops, but it's an enormous opportunity for a round or two of political opportunism.

Rest assured that, modulo the bloody revolution that various Evil Party hacks have been wanking about since about the time the second airplane was flown into the WTC, the next few elections will be filled up with paens to the "alert response" of the bloated crony and screeds about the "terrible response" of the Democratic governor.

(USAtoday article via Atrios)


Hey dave, go see Jonathan Schwarz's 9.11.2005 post regarding opportunity, if you haven't already.

today's HZ post about Frances Newton is here,

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I hope things are going well 4 U in the mighty northwest.

Jonathan Versen,aka Wed Sep 14 13:48:34 2005

regarding the previous comment: truly a Homer moment-- I looked everywhere on your page for a reference to "tiny", "revolution" and "Jonathan Schwarz", but not at the link. silly me. It serves to remind me of my own occasional frustration when people apparently do the same thing at HZ.

Jonathan V, again... Wed Sep 14 13:53:59 2005

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