This Space for Rent

Yup, we’ve got that old racism thing licked now.

Er, maybe not...

We and our NAACP host recorded video statements from two Red Cross volunteers who were concerned about racial discrimination against shelter residents. Their primary complaint was about the unequal allocation of access to goods in the distribution center. It seemed to them that white families were getting preferential access to the donated items at the distribution center. Complaints through Red Cross channels provoked retaliation from the local Red Cross managers.

I'm not extraordinarily pleased that the Red Cross isn't distributing food inside New Orleans city limits (I'm not pleased that the major of New Orleans has a "manditory evacuation" order in place, but is turning a blind eye to the food shipments that are being shipped in to the inbred upper class twits in the Garden District and along St. Charles, but that's a rant for another day), but if there is any truth to this racism and retribution story, I guess that I will not be taking advantage of the matching support my corporate masters offer for contributions to the Red Cross, but will instead give my aid to some relief organization that doesn't use a color test to distribute goods.

(via Lindsay Beyerstein)