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The Evil Party – making the government lean and efficient.

So efficient, it seems, that they not only can't figure out how to dump sandbags into a broken levee (the latest excuse appears to be "we needed special pulleys; we didn't have them, so we went and did something else"), but they (fortunately) couldn't stop a local contractor from driving to the mouth of the 17th St Canal and blocking it with steel pilings.

But they're really efficient at trying to whip up stories to explain why the Coward in Chief took four days to fly to Mississippi to have photo-ops with carefully screened victims of the hurricane.

So what if a few hundred thousand black Kerry voters die? They're not real people, afterall; if they'd prepared properly for the hurricane by being white and having summer homes in Kennebunkport, Maine, why, it would have made all the difference in the world.

I suspect someone at the Corps of Engineers just had his career end, because he didn't stop the Boh Bros. trucks from getting to the mouth of the canal, plugging it up, and thus embarrassing the B*sh junta.


Looking at it from here, it sounds as though Boh Bros. is one of those big regional companies which would be huge in a country the size of the UK. And the reporting in the media is leaving the impression that USACE had nothing much to do with the problem being solved.

The USACE in New Orleans has been pretty consistently warning about what the budget cuts would lead to. And my reading around the situation is that the Corps has very little capacity to do the construction work: they're the designers and planners, not the people with shovels. Boh Bros. certainly wouldn't want to piss off the local office.

So I'm not convinced that this was done without the USACE in New Orleans knowing what was happening. And if somebody had to sign off on a scheme to save New Orleans, it wouldn't surprise me if, when Bush kicks him out, the construction companies of New Orleans are queueing at the office door of a damn fine engineer.

Dave Bell Sat Sep 3 10:08:15 2005

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