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there’s a lot of aid surging toward those who have been affected

That's what the Coward in Chief is saying.

But what he isn't saying out loud is "But we're not allowing it to get into New Orleans!" Because they aren't -- if you're giving money to the American Red Cross hoping that it will go to the people who are dying in the new Black Hole of New Orleans, well, the fucking United States government is refusing to let the Red Cross into the city.

Our goddamn tax dollars at waste. Not only does the B*sh junta loot the treasury (including the money that was earmarked to fix the levees that failed on Monday) to enrich their good friends at Halliburton, but they spend the leftovers to ensure that the money we donate to charitable organisations cannot be used to save the lives of the people who are dying in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

Damn them. Damn them to hell and back again.