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A lineup of bridges

I've been thinking of tweaking the layout of TSFR so that, aside from the traditional pink triangle, I can randomly pick images to fit onto the top of the page. That project hasn't gotten very far, but I have taken a bunch of pictures for it:

The Marquam Bridge, if posed properly, does not look like it was just plunked down in the middle of the Willamette River and had the approach ramps glued on as an after thought.
It's very easy to get a striking picture of the Ross Island Bridge; this one was taken from the walkway around OMSI.
This is looking across the river from OMSI over towards the development that sits about where the SP Red Electric yards were at the north end of the railway to Lake Oswego.
The eastside approaches to the Marquam Bridge are kind of interesting. The freeway has to climb from ground level up to the deck level of the bridge in the ~3/4ths mile south of the Morrison Bridge, and it needs to be high enough to clear traffic on the Hawthorne bridge before that.

I may never get the redesign of TSFR finished, because my artistic sense is more like a magpie than a graphic designer, but at least it gives me another excuse to take pictures (as if I needed another one.)