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So, where’s the emergency congressional session and grandstanding from the governor?

In Texas, where Maximum Leader Genius used to be governor before he stole the presidency of the United States, another baby has been sentenced to death because she made the horrible mistake of coming from a poor black family. As Arthur Silber says, where's the outrage? You'd think the whole "culture of life" gang would be on this case like glue, since this case doesn't even have the teeny ambiguity of the patient being dead for 15 years.

I'd expect, if the so-called "culture of life" had any interest in life, instead of simply being fetus-worshippers, that they'd be organizing huge marches at the state capitol in Texas; marches aimed at getting the nasty "you don't have to care for patents if it's too expensive for you!" law repealed and repealed fast. But that won't happen, because that bill was signed by Maximum Leader Genius, and by the new doctrine of presidential divinity, whenever a law is approved by a member of the B*sh family, that bill is by definition a perfeect law. If it directly contradicts the "culture of life", well, eh, some lives are more important than others, and if a poor black child didn't take the precaution of being born into a rich white family, well, it would be religious persecution to force the hospitals into actually providing medical care to a critically ill patient.

And, in case you're wondering what I mean by "poor", I mean anyone who doesn't have a cool million or so in the bank. At modern hospital billing rates (which are jacked way up to pay for 3-4 levels of HMO bureaucracy and Evil Party campaign contributions), a couple of weeks in intensive care w/o insurance could easily set you back $50,000. And if you're one of the 46-or-so million people who doesn't have health insurance, it's quite likely that you don't have that cool million tucked away in your bank account.

I'd suggest that Knya Dismuke's parents contact R*nd*ll T*rry, but I can imagine they'd not want to, because there are some layers of slime that are just impossible to remove with non-poisonous solvents.