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Time for another missive from the barking mad branch of the Evil Party

Pat Robertson has been let out of the asylum again, and he's calling for government discrimination against Muslims. I'm sure this sort of thing goes over very well with the paranoiac pseudo-christian cults that the United States are infested with, but it's not likely to go over very well with the 70 or so remaining Evil Party members who aren't fascists.

I'm sure that in Karl's mind that it's okay to write off ~5% of the electorate, because vote fraud will make up for those lost gay votes, but if the barking mad branch starts chattering about disenfranchising people on the base of religion, that's going to be another 10% (muslims, jews, members of christian cults that have already felt the gentle touch of actual religious persecution) of the votes going right now the drain, and when the vote fraud reaches 15%, it will be very difficult to bamboozle the so-called-liberal-media into ignoring the gap between the exit polls and the "official" results of the election.

Keep it up, Pat; Satan will reward you appropriately when you die.

(link via Americablog)