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They’ve got a little list….

The Coward in Chief has, in order to "balance the budget", issued a little list of government programs to kill or maim. It's an impressively large list, and if all these cuts go through I'm sure it could save, well, basically nothing (I'm guessing that any money "saved" by trimming these programs would pay for a weeks worth of Halliburton payola in the Sudetenland), but it would do a good job of cementing the stupid side of the new American Fascism.

Items in red have previously been listed in the Maximum Leader Genius look, we're being fiscally responsible! roadshow.


Agriculture Department
  • Agricultural Marketing Service biotechnology program
  • Forest Service economic action program
  • High cost energy grants
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service watershed and flood prevention operations
  • Research and extension grant earmarks and low priority programs
Commerce Department
  • Advanced technology program
  • Emergency steel guarantee loan program
  • Public telecommunications facilities, planning and construction program
Education Department
  • Comprehensive school reform
  • Educational technology state grants
  • Even Start
  • Vocational education state grants
  • Vocational education national activities
  • Tech prep state grants
  • Upward Bound
  • Talent Search
  • Smaller learning communities
  • Perkins Loans: capital contributions and loan cancellations
  • Regional education laboratories
  • Safe and Drug Free Schools state grants
  • Javits gifted and talented education
  • National Writing Project
  • School leadership
  • Dropout prevention program
  • Close Up fellowships
  • Ready to Teach
  • Parental information and resource centers
  • Alcohol abuse reduction
  • Foundations for Learning
  • Mental health integration in schools
  • Community technology centers
  • Exchanges with historic whaling and trading partners
  • Foreign language assistance
  • Excellence in economic education
  • Arts in education
  • Women's educational equity
  • Elementary and secondary school counseling
  • Civic education
  • Star schools
  • Higher education demonstration projects for students w/disabilities
  • Underground railroad program
  • Interest subsidy grants
  • Occupational and employment information
  • Tech-prep demonstration
  • Literacy programs for prisoners
  • State grants for incarcerated youth
  • LEAP
  • Byrd scholarships
  • B.J. Stupak Olympic scholarships
  • Thurgood Marshall legal opportunity
  • Vocational rehabilitation recreational programs
  • Vocational rehabilitation migrant and seasonal workers
  • Projects with industry
  • Supported employment
  • Teacher quality enhancement program
Energy Department
  • Hydropower program
  • Nuclear energy plant optimization
  • Nuclear energy research initiative
  • Oil and gas programs
Health and Human Services Department
  • Administration for Children and Families Community Service Programs
  • ACF Early Learning Opportunities Fund
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention congressional earmarks
  • CDC Preventive Health and Health Services block grant
  • CDC youth media campaign
  • Direct service worker delivery grants
  • Health Resources and Services Administration emergency medical services for children
  • HRSA health facilities construction congressional earmarks
  • HRSA Healthy Community access program
  • HRSA state planning grant program
  • HRSA trauma care
  • HRSA traumatic brain injury
  • Health Resources and Services Administration universal newborn hearing screening
  • Real Choice systems change grants
Housing and Urban Development Department
Interior Department
  • Bureau of Land Management Jobs-in-the-Woods program
  • Land and water conservation fund state recreation grants, National Parks Service
  • National Park Service statutory aid
  • Rural fire assistance (Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs)
Justice Department
  • Byrne discretionary grants
  • Byrne justice assistance grants
  • Community Oriented Policing Services hiring grants
  • COPS interoperable communications technology grants
  • COPS law enforcement technology grants
  • Juvenile accountability block grants
  • National Drug Intelligence Center
  • Other state/local law enforcement assistance program terminations
  • State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP)
Labor Department
  • Migrant and seasonal farm worker training program
  • Reintegration of youthful offenders
Transportation Department
  • National defense tank vessel construction program
  • Railroad rehabilitation infrastructure financing loan program
Enviromental Protection Agency
  • Unrequested projects
  • Water quality cooperative agreements
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Hubble Space telescope robotic servicing mission
Other agencies
  • National Veterans Business Development Corporation
  • Postal Service: revenue forgone appropriation
  • Small Business Administration: Microloan program
  • SBA: Small Business investment company participating securities program


Agriculture Department
  • Federal in-house research
  • Forest Service capital improvements and maintenance
  • Forest Service wildland fire management
  • Biomass research and development
  • Broadband
  • Commodity Credit Corp. - bioenergy
  • CCC - Market Access program
  • Farm bill's environmental quality incentives program
  • Farm bill's conservation security program
  • Farm bill's wildlife habitat incentives program
  • Farm bill's farm and ranchland protection
  • Farm bill's agricultural management assistance
  • Initiative for future agriculture food systems
  • Renewable energy
  • Rural firefighter grants
  • Rural strategic investment program
  • Rural business investment program
  • Value-added grants
  • Watershed rehabilitation
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service conservation operations
  • NRCS resource conservation and development program
  • Water and wastewater grants and loans
Commerce Department
  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Education Department
  • Adult education state grants
  • State grants for innovation
Energy Department
  • Environmental management
Health and Human Services Department
  • Health Resources and Services Administration Children's Hospitals Gradua te Medical Education payment program
  • HRSA health professions
  • HRSA rural health
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration programs of regional and national significance
  • State, local & hospital bioterrorism preparedness grants
Housing and Urban Development Department
  • Housing for persons with disabilities
  • Native American housing block grant
  • Public housing capital fund
Interior Department
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs school construction
  • National Heritage Area grants
  • Payments in lieu of taxes
  • United States Geological Survey mineral resources program
Justice Department
  • Federal Bureau of Prisons construction program
  • High intensity drug trafficking areas program
  • Juvenile justice law enforcement assistance programs
Labor Department
  • International Labor Affairs Bureau
  • Office of Disability Employment Policy
  • Workforce Investment Act pilot and demonstration projects
State Department
  • Assistance for the independent states of the former Soviet Union
Transportation Department
  • Federal Aviation Administration - facilities and equipment
  • FAA - Airport improvement program
  • Federal Railroad Administration - next generation high speed rail
Treasury Department
  • Internal Revenue Service - taxpayer service
Environmental Protection Agency
  • Alaska Native Villages
  • Clean water state revolving fund
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Aeronautics: vehicle systems program
  • Jupiter icy moons orbiter
Other agencies
  • National Archives and Records Administration: National Historical Public ations and Records Commission
  • U.S. Institute of Peace, construction of new building

I don't expect that most of these cuts will pass. What will probably happen is just what happened last time around; this joke of a proposal will be sent to the House, at which point DeLay will ring the dinnerbell and all of the corporate-welfare lobbyists will crowd around trying to be the first to exchange a US$20,000 bribe for a billion dollars in government money. I don't see the Education Department losing any money; after all, they've got traditional family values™ to promote and no-homeschool-child-left-behind to club all of the urban public schools into oblivion with. And the pork (aka Agriculture) Department has an important role in funnelling money from urban taxpayers to the huge factory farms which are such a rich source of Evil Party contributions.

They'll probably get all the NASA programs killed, because science is like holy water to the fundamentalist kookooheads who make up the voting base of the Evil Party, and the HUD programs are toast because they provide housing to poor urban dwellers (in the reality that the Evil Party lives in, making poor people destitute has no downside.) But that will simply be a little something extra; the important thing is to funnel more taxpayer money to the well-connected rich, while looking like they're doing! something! about their drunken-sailor spending.

(data from yahoo, via New Patriot)