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The joy of Windows IT

At work, they keep screwing around with the firewall. Why? I dunno. Because they can. Yesterday afternoon, they screwed around with the firewall and blocked outbound ssh traffic, while leaving outbound ftp and telnet wide open so that people can spread their passwords in cleartext across the whole wide world.

For "secure" access to machines outside of work, they opened a hole for pc-anywhere, because, unlike ssh, which only runs on Unix, Windows, MacOS (both flavors), OS/2, Linux, DOS, CP/M, and VMS, pc-anywhere runs on Windows, Windows, and Windows.

But at least they fixed it when I told them which commands to type in. And now everything will work for about 4 months and then they'll screw around with the firewall again and I'll have to send my next "fix the firewall, please" request to BOFH-help.