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Evil Party moral values! (pt 3)

The Governor of Louisiana just issued an executive order prohibiting discrimination against gay state employees. So a couple of Evil Party apparachiks are trying to stop it.

And it's not as if this is a new executive order. Edwin Edwards signed an order that was almost identical to this one a few years ago. The difference, of course, is the Evil Party has decided that persecuting gay people is the way to get votes these days, so orders have been sent out from the Dark Tower to stop civil liberties in their tracks.

And, of course, "faith-based" (so-called "Christian", of course; if some islamic charity went into a similarly hysterial hissy fit the GOP would send out the national guard to enforce the constitution) organizations are whining about how civil liberties for people they don't approve of violates their "religious" beliefs.

Of course the simple solution for being able to protect their "religious" beliefs would be to not contract with the State of Louisiana, but that would get between these "faith-based" parasites and the government teat.

(link via No Capital)