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Not getting the point, the Democratic Party way

Howard Dean has decided to run for DNC head, and, as you might expect, the grumbles of "he's too radical!!!" are starting to creep out of the woodwork, and, more importantly, a collection of !Howard Dean candidates marching out to compete for DNC head.

I'm not paying too much attention to the war for the DNC (I'm not actually a member of the Democratic Party -- I'm a card-carrying socialist) but I've seen the "he's too radical!!!" theme before, when the Democratic establishment dug up an amazing variety of candidates to be the anti-Dean. This was, of course, because Howard Dean can't win the presidency, while candidate x could win.

Well, that didn't work too well.

The Evil Party would have retired that talking point on November 3rd. They're not stupid that way. The leadership of the Stupid Party, on the other hand, seems to be more than willing to keep crashing airplanes into the hanger, because that shows an unswerving moral character or some such nonsense (the Coward in Chief has that same blinkered ignorance, but the Evil Party surrounds their upper class twits with brilliant (evil, but brilliant) middle-class grand vizers and evil henchmen, so their twittery is modulated by good PR.)

The Democratic Party doesn't have any good grand vizers. And selecting for timid leadership will ensure that they won't have any political power either. If that's not the intent, then the "he's too radical!!" nonsense should stop now and the supporters of the faceless bureaucrats who also want to be DNC head should shut up about being "radical" and start talking about the benefits of having the DNC led by someone who isn't known outside the beltway. This might be a tough sell, but if you can sell that without talking about Howard Dean you might have a winner.

Or you could pick Howard Dean as DNC head.

But that would be getting the point.