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The Seattle Times must be one of those reality-based newspapers

In an editorial yesterday, the Seattle Times reminds their readers about the New American Gulag (executive summary; the B*sh junta is holding hundreds of prisoners without charging them with anything, without allowing them access to lawyers, but they're being tortured to make up for it.) At the end of the editorially, they comment that That is not what America stands for, and not what it does.

Tch, tch, they've not been paying close attention. In the warped Calvinist world that the Coward in Chief rules over, that is what America stands for. It's really quite simple. It's the Iokiyar philosophy; It's Good if a member of the Evil Party does it, it's Evil if someone else does it.

Me helping an old lady across the street?Evil
A member of the Evil Party driving up onto the sidewalk to run over that old lady?Good

See? It's quite simple. The boring old traditional morality does not apply; a simple presentation of your Super Team Leader card now proves that whatever you've done, from torture, to setting up a systen of Soviet-style gulags, to simple vote fraud, is by definition a good thing, and if you cannot produce such a card, well, it's transparently obvious that you're up to no good.

«That is not what America stands for»? How limiting, how quaint, how old fashioned!

(links from the Sideshow, Old Fashioned Patriot (even though they've got the wrong idea about what Orcs are))


You're in fine form... think I woke the kids up by cracking up.

They're being extremely cute except for occasional fights about Strorks. At one point they both sat on the couch wailing and Gram rushed to take pictures of them.

Talk to you soon... smooch

Spouse #1 Fri Jan 7 21:59:05 2005

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