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The Rubicon? Shoot, you crossed it years ago!

"Hypothetically that authority may exist, but let me also just say we certainly understand and recognize the role of the courts in our system of government. The president's position on this is that ultimately the judges, the courts will make the decision as to whether or not we draw the right balance here."

--Abu Gonzales, responding to a question about whether the Coward in Chief can ignore laws and treaties.

Hypothetically? Gonzales is either (a) stupid,(b) irrevokably evil, or (c) both. He has no business being part of the US Government, so it's just as well that the US Government was overthrown in 2000. The New American Fascism selects for stupid and evil people, so he's a perfect fit.

[Torture!  The new American value!]

(quote via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer)


or d) He is der Fuhrers Torquemada Troll Doll who will squeak the wished for words whenever necessary.

Freedom is On the March... and It's wearing jackboots and packing heat.

William Fri Jan 7 23:25:00 2005

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