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Zoo Lights

Every year, the Washington Park Oregon Zoo covers most of the zoo with christmas lights, then opens opens the park in the evening so that visitors can come to view the lights and freeze their tushies off. Part of "view the lights" involves riding the zoo train, so that means that every year we're there, trying to ride the steam engine. This year was not an exception:

The nice lights on the train are powered by a nasty little gasoline generator that they plunk down on the tender, so if you're riding in the first car, the trip is somewhat spoiled by the nonstop GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! of the infernal combustion engine; you can't really hear any of the engine noises when the train is going down to the bottom of the zoo.

When we were heading on up to the zoo lights, we detoured along the route of one of the streetcar lines (annoyingly, none of the streetcar and interurban lines in Portland actually have route numbers. The interurban lines are color-coded, but the streetcar line just has a cutesy name) and got to see one of the Skoda Astras, a New Flyer bus, and the city traffic lights do a zoo lights impersonation of their own.