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Christmas list

The best posted a christmas request list a few days back. It didn't include anything for me, because there wasn't anything I could think of getting. This is not good enough for the family, and something must be done.


What I'd like for Christmas would be

  1. Honest elections in the United States; if the fascists are going to take over, I don't want them to have the excuse that the Coward in Chief just stole the election and, golly, how can you blame the Evil Party when it's obviously out of their hands. Of course, in this last election, Maximum Leader Genius would have lost the EV if we'd had an honest election, so that would be two gifts for the price of one.
  2. Pointers to IRAs that are € or CAD-based, so I can get my retirement money out of this sinking ship.
  3. Failing that, a winning lottery ticket would be good. If I had a few million US$ sitting in my bank account, I wouldn't have nearly the feeling of impending doom when I think about what future the bears will have. A few million dollars would be enough to ensure that they aren't left behind when the goddamn no-homeschool-child-left-behind laws gut every secular urban school in the United States.
  4. And, failing that, get out of hell free cards would be nice. The United States is not the only part of the world with operating systems work going on, and I'd be just as happy developing Linux distributions in a state that doesn't have a policy of torturing random people dragged in off the streets in its imperial possessions.

While I'm at it, I'd also like to have the surviving members of the Paulista's fleet of V8 and Russia locomotives, and 100 miles of mainline to run them on. And a pony.