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Christmas list

I figure if I put this here, then point relatives toward it, I can edit it as necessary! So here goes.

SPECIAL NOTE on all books and CDs below: we love good-condition used books and CDs!!

For Russell and Silas:

(Russell's favorite color is lime green, and Silas' is yellow. They both love trains and firefighters. Russell especially likes building toys and Silas especially likes jigsaw puzzles.)

photos of yourselves, where you live, and/or stories about yourselves

Your Big Backyard magazine, from National Wildlife Federation

(Gram has dibs on this one!) Click magazine, from Cricket

CD: Dan Zanes, Rocket Ship Beach

Thomas & Friends magazine (with Thomas the Tank Engine and some puzzles and things; not sure where to find this, however)

books, especially favorites of yours

travel toys

wood puzzles (~60 pieces for Russell, ~30-50 for Silas; or, marked about age 6 is good for Russell, age 4-5 for Silas)

Sri Lankan pond life 3-D & 2-D puzzle

Portland Parks & Recreation Department money for classes: call 503-823-PLAY and ask to add money to our account; they'll ask for our phone number.

They actually have plenty of toys now, but things that help them do adult tasks (or pretend to) would be nice. Some show up at For Small Hands or at Rosie Hippo.

Also, now that Silas is big enough not to swallow them, marble toys (especially ones made of wood) and marbles would be really cool.

Other ideas for Russell:

Celebration of Family CD (I ordered this 12/17, so if you did too please let me know!)

size 5T shirts, cotton, machine wash/dry, easy to put on (probably not button-up)

The Maggie B., Haas

(Mom has dibs on this one!) How to Fly for Kids!, Windsor

Other ideas for Silas:

small, colorful, sturdy umbrella

size 3T clothes, cotton, machine wash/dry

For Julie:

socks! I love colorful, stretchy ankle socks and badly need them, but am too cheap to throw out my holey socks (lifelong affliction)

How to Cook Everything, Bittman

Conned Again, Watson!, Bruce

Williams-Sonoma vegetable grip (I'm hoping this works for Russell, too, this year)

Sunset magazine

Fine Cooking 2004 archive book

sweaters and tops, XL or size 16-18 (pref. cotton/machine washable, "summer" colors (teal, burgundy, dark blue, etc.), no V necks or very wide necks)

CDs: Wicky Sears, Playing with Tradition; Tift Merritt, Tambourine; anything else you think I might like