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My contribution to the traditional liberal circular firing squad

I've looked at the hysterical cries from the left, bewailing something that anyone could suspect might happen and trying to decide whether appeasement or, um, appeasement is the best response to this election.

I have a different idea. The Coward in Chief may have actually honestly gotten a majority of the electorate to vote for him, and, more importantly, he got the majority of the electorate to vote for an unadorned Evil Party slate of lies, intolerance, incompetence, and drunken-sailor spending. Okay, good. Let him do it; 44 seats in the Senate is a joke -- the Evil Party will find 4 senators that they'll be able to sway, then kill -- so there's nothing that can be done except provide propaganda for the next round of LII&D-SS. The Democratic bloc should eject the Quislings now (it's too late to eject Zell Miller (R-GA), but Stephanie Herseth should be shown the location of the Evil Party cloakroom and invited to hang her coat there), then just vote en masse against whatever evil tripe Maximum Leader Genius thinks of. No filibusters, no procedural games (neither of those will work), just a round of speeches calling the Evil Party what it really is, a bloc vote, and then a symbolic turning their backs to the evil toads and their latest LII&D-SS amendment.

There's nothing that can be gained by heroic measures, and if the party isn't willing to go to the brink of civil war (which it isn't. The ballot shredding machinery in Ohio had barely enough time to start erasing the conveniently never-counted Kerry votes there before the Kerry campaign abdicated. (Speaking of which, WTF? WTF-FF? Thanks, John, for buckling before the battle even started!)) they're committing themselves to a battle of attrition, and that sort of battle is never won by standing out in the open and taking potshots at your entrenched enemies.

France circa 1650 may have been a wonderful place for the royal family, but it wasn't so grand for everybody else. And everybody else remembered. So, bring it on. We'll loan you some rope.