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Something suspicious is going on

Various Evil Party hacks are starting little defeat dances, whining even more piteously about liberal bias, liberal voter fraud (which, oddly enough, happens to be happening against Democrats in left-leaning states that are controlled by Evil Party apparatchiks), and the like. I've been watching the drift in the polls (I am trying to not watch the numbers, because too many political fingers are around the cookie jar), and as much as I'd like to believe this is the beginning of the long-overdue avalanche as every Evil Party minion who isn't a closet royalist bails out of the burning riverboat that is the B*sh junta. I don't believe it.

I smell a trick. I smell a November surprise -- possibly Osama, possibly a nuclear weapon with the serial numbers filed off (possibly Russian; the ex-USSR's economy was wrecked enough so that it would be feasable to argue that Osama and his boys managed to extract one or two) -- as soon as the Democrats think they've got their hands back on the helm of the ship of state.

Why do I smell a trick? This didn't drop the approval ratings for the Coward in Chief down into the single digits. No, all that happened was that the base just clapped harder.

The race is close. Too damn close. Vigilance is the only way to keep the Evil Party from stealing it. Don't believe the polls until after the last lawsuit clears the Supreme Court.