This Space for Rent

Not quite so trivial project of the day (October edition)

One of the less than attractive things about our house was the kitchen, which, when the house was serving hard time as rental housing for Reedies (sometime in the 1960s or 1970s), was destroyed in a dryer fire (the dryer is, and was, in the basement, but when it caught fire, it burned long enough to eat through the kitchen floor). It was rebuilt with the sort of care you'd expect in a rental -- nothing but the cheapest linoleum, cabinetry, and appliances (including the most hideous stove in all Christendom, but that's going to be another story.) One of the more offensive parts of the rebuild was apparently abandoned halfway through, leaving us with two unfinished kitchen cabinet tops.

This gem of kitchen design (complete with negative space both under and on top of the countertop) lurked in the northwest corner of the kitchen for about seven years after we moved in. This afternoon, after building Silas a Tiny Special Bookcase, I was telling Russell about the plans that the best and I had for redoing that parts of the kitchen. I offered to show him what we needed to do to fix it, and he didn't seem interested, but 35 minutes later he was demanding that I show him what needed to be done. We went downstairs, I told him what needed to be done, said we'd do it later when we had some time, then came upstairs again, only to hear a tremendous racket from downstairs.

He wanted to just do it now.


I still have to

but that's simply implementation details that shouldn't take longer than a month or five.