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To the B*sh Junta, war isn’t as important as politics

The headline in the LA Times reads Bush Administration Plans to Delay Major Assaults in Iraq.

The detail is that the USA isn't going to do anything big to try and retake Vichy Iraq from the Resistance until AFTER the US election is over. Pretty rich for a coward who was just strutting around claiming that the honorable candidate would let politics influence the military in this Holy Quagmire.

The Iraqi resistance has net access. They can read the news. Behold, they say, The Great Satan has given us a few more weeks to build up the resistance. And what about the American soldiers who are going to die because the resistance will have time to better prepare their response to the Rovian November Surprise? Well, it's painfully obvious that once those soldiers have voted, their utility to the B*sh junta has ended.

At least this article was printed on Sunday instead of Friday, so there's a fighting chance that people will notice that, yes, once again the Coward in Chief is busily ripping off the heads of the American military so he can piss down their collective windpipes.