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Tweaks to the weblog program (not published yet)

An anonymous Schrodinger employee has been assisting me in debugging some of the commenting code in Annotations, by the simple and useful debugging method of posting snarky comments. The code I'd put in to stop people from posting anonymously was, er, not checking for a condition that was ever going to happen.

They've also (inadvertently) pointed out that when I lowercased all the machine names at 'dinger, I forgot to lowercase the names for the reverse DNS. Sigh. If the printer queue is still whining, Nazilla is now (at least after the dns changes propagate) nazilla, as G*D himself (and, I suspect, Windows 2003 server) intended.


I also tweaked how the from lines for comments works.

David Parsons Fri Sep 3 18:45:12 2004

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