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Honor among thieves

Zell Miller (R-GA) riled up the troops by calling everybody else traitors on Wednesday, and what does he get for his yeoman duty for the Evil Party? A shiv in the back, a pair of concrete overshoes, and a quick tour of the bottom of the east river.

The GOP; they're not just fascists, they're stupid fascists.


You must not have actually listened to or read the speech. Zell Miller is a Democrat.

Fri Sep 3 14:11:09 2004

No, anonymous one, the Evil Party may claim that he's a a member of the Democratic Party, but someone who

  1. Caucuses with the GOP
  2. stumps for the Coward in Chief
  3. is the keynote speaker for the GOP convention
is not a member of the Democratic Party.

I know that the Evil Party isn't very hot on socialistic things like being honest, but I just can't bring myself to pay attention to their shared delusions.

David Parsons website Fri Sep 3 14:54:43 2004

If you're not paying attention, how do you know what to criticize? Are you just making stuff up? I guess if you stay poorly informed you never need to change your mind when the facts don't match your views. I wish you the best of luck.

Fri Sep 3 15:29:07 2004

Dear anonymous one (you really should identify yourself); I try not not pay attention to the shared delusions of the Evil Party. I do pay attention to their, um, platform, but when they start whipping the pack of lies out, why should I, heh, waste my beautiful mind listening to the flying monkeys yammering how (just for an example) going AWOL is being braver than going off to war and that dissent is treasonous?

Speaking of the GOP platform, has anyone seen it anywhere? Or do the lies, vague platitudes, yet more tax cuts, and gay bashing compose the entire Evil Party platform this time around?

David Parsons website Fri Sep 3 15:41:53 2004

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