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Russell the great railway engineer

At about 4pm, Russell wanted the workbench up in the library. I said that we'd need to clean up before it went up there, so he made some room and I brought the table in. While Julie and I cleaned up, the great railway engineer went to work, and by 4:30 the railroad climbed up into the Yalps.

Someone in our household, and it's not me, has a great civil engineering future ahead of him.


I just want to add, for any other viewers, that you should look closely at the track & block right above the engine-plus-two-cars train on the bottom edge of the picture.

The block is a small triangular block, tilted in such a way that it supports the sloping track (made of straight pieces of track). David and I agreed neither of us would have ever thought of that trick; it's purely Russell.

Julie the Mom Mon Jul 26 00:32:25 2004

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