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The morphing of Silas

When we went to North Carolina in late June, Silas sometimes spoke two-word sentences but often just grunted.

Apparently he had decided he wasn't really going to bother with this talking stuff until he mastered prepositions. Suddenly he is making remarks like, "No like butter on it!" and "Take my shoes off" all day long. He loves phrases like "over there" and "up there". He also likes identifying who possesses things (Ruh-ell's hammer, Mama's spoon, etc.) (Actually it's more like Ruh-ell ammer, Mama poon, etc., since he still doesn't do S sounds much. He calls himself something like "Yilesh". Heck, Russell still calls himself something like "Wussell"...)

Russell's latest language changes mostly have to do with his curiosity about the world. We've been hearing a lot about "the state of Maine," as well as other states, including "the state of Venus". He also discourses on the high mountains called the Yalps. All of these things can be found on the "naps" he draws (he has insisted many times that they are naps, NOT maps).

On Tuesday I did a mental calculation and realized that the day before (Monday 7/19), Silas was exactly the age Russell was when Silas was born. At the time, Russell seemed so big to me! Hard to believe, now. This age gap has worked really well for us, but I have to admit I'm quite happy not to have an infant or pregnancy to deal with right now as Silas progresses through being two (perhaps my favorite little-kid age -- they're just so FUNNY).