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Small project of the week

While we were out east, we visited a relative with a sewing machine, and I spent a few minutes building slipcovers for my palmpilot and the oggOmatic. The nice thing about making slipcovers is that, at least for the oggOmatic, it doesn't matter if there are places where the stitching picked up a handbasket and went for a ride, because the fabric is dark and will only be used while the computer is being transported from stereo to stereo.

I also sewed a little blanket for Silas's doll Mona, which proved to be a lot harder because the lower bobbin of the sewing machine decided to stop working about halfway through, so I spent a lot of time carefully sewing seams that immediately unravelled.

The important part of this project, of course, is that it used up one piece of the 15 pounds of random fabric samples I've bought at Trillium Artisans despite Julie's objections that they would simply clutter up the house. Ha! Only 14 pounds 12 ounces to go and they'll all be used!