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Weblog software bug list (after a few months of playing with it)

  1. I need to minimally verify the html, so I can close off dangling tags that will EAT THE WEBSITE if they aren't caught.
  2. While doing this, I need to do some sort of sanity checking on <img> and <a> tags, so that they won't point at relative destinations.
  3. Reindex is somewhat confused. When I do reindex -fv /~orc/ 2004, it gets confused and links all the archive pages at may, even if the archive in question is not may.
  4. If I specify a image width with {pic:foo}{size}, I should generate something like <a href=foo><img src=foo width=size></a>, so that readers can then click on the image and get the full-sized one.

There are a couple of features I want to add, like the XML-rpc posting interface (one of the more terrible interfaces I've seen. XML shoves all this random verbiage around your content, but XML-rpc doesn't take advantage of this by naming parameters. Nope, it's just the regular old RPC style of you'd better know what the parameters are, but much more verbosely.) and maybe some documentation, but it would be nice to have manual indexing working and webpage posting working without booby traps.