This Space for Rent

Construction project of the day (if you split it into 1-2 hour sessions over the past week)

I built a little roundhouse for the bears, so they could have a place to keep some of their eng!!s out of the pretend rain.

This enginehouse is made of a single piece of maple from a scrapbag I bought at The Joinery (Once upon a time, we could afford to buy furniture there, but then the long national nightmare of peace and prosperity came to an end; now we can afford to spend US$30 every six or seven months to buy a pile of hardwood scraps.) It's almost drawn to plan; for this project, I actually measured before I started chopping the slab of maple down into planks, and if you stand far enough away it looks almost like it was done by someone who knows what they are doing.

I tried to convince Russell that Th*m*s style engines (Engines don't have faces -- Me) would be happier in a shed, but he insisted that it be a proper roundhouse.