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The obligatory BOFH rant

I came down to North Carolina with 4 computers. One was my first-generation apple Airport, running the Karlbridge routing software, one was the oggOmatic running NetBSD despite my dire threats to convert it to FreeBSD, one ran R*hd*t so I could work on porting the FreeBSD password database file to Linux, and one ran Mastodon; Well, within 24 hours of arriving here, the power supply on the Mastodon laptop died (this is the second one that the Micron Transport has eaten, so I may be retiring the PC instead of going out and buying Yet Another 18v 1.25amp power supply) and I discovered that the R*dh*t laptop was shipped without a working dhclient (I already rank the ISC up with the FSF for blatant shameless advertising, and having to write a stupid client configuration script before dhcp will work puts them right up there in the realm of stupid featurettes that make their code unusable.)

So I moved the hard drive from the Micron over to the ex-R*dh*t computer, brought it up (with the usual lack of pain that I've come to expect when using my own Linux distribution), and, armed with one less laptop, decided that this would be a good time to download pictures from my camera so I could stuff them onto this website.

The pcmcia controller on the IBM 600e doesn't get along with the pcmcia software on Mastodon. Trivial things like wavelan cards work, but not the compact flash card with all of the pictures on it.


We're at the beach in North Carolina, and we got some nice pictures of the pedestrians of the apocolypse at the airport in Chicago, but you can't see them.

All hardware sucks. All software sucks.