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A couple of sucky things about Mozilla Fire(bird?fox?wombat?)

The first sucky thing is that, unlike IE and Netscape 4, Firebird doesn't seem to want to let you navigate around new html documents when it's still loading and resizing images. This is really annoying when you've only got a cablemodem or T-1 and everything grinds to a stop while the ~1mb of images on TSFR load in.

The second sucky thing is that, on Windows 2000, I can pretty reliably *crash* my home workstation if I dare do something like try and kill one of these mysteriously frozen Firewombat windows. One minute, Windows 2000 will be chirping happily along, playing music piped in from the jukebox, and the next minute I'm looking at the stupid Mini-ITX bios screen while the computer starts climbing up the bootstrap mountain again.

I could use IE, of course, but I'm really sick and tired of all the goddamn popups, popunders, javascript delayed popups, javascript delayed screen takeovers, flash popups, floating flash windows, and god only knows what else the stupid stupid stupid browser lets through. (No, I can't use Opera; Opera suffers from the we want to be our own window manager disease even worse than Firefox does, plus my experience with it on Linux and FreeBSD leads me to suspect that it's about as unreliable as you can get.)

I swear to G-d, having to deal with non-Microsoft browsers makes me really appreciate the programming skills of the orcs up in suburban Mordor, WA. If Bill Gates would order his minions to put in a (a) Linux version of IE (a.out, please! If I'm going to ask for a pony it might as well be one I can use. I'll even come up to Mordor and convert Mastodon to Microsoft Mastodon, if need be) and (b) a version of IE that wasn't quite so enthusiastic about putting up windows, flash, and stupid messages complaining when I've tried to disable them, I'd be a very happy man.

Yeah, yeah, Free Software Rah! Rah! Frankly, I don't give a damn.