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New Computer Case!

The latest homemade computer case I'm working on is this tiny little stereo-component style case that's wrapped around a mini-ITX motherboard, a Morex D2D power converter, and a quiet quiet quiet fujitsu hard disk.


It's not quite finished; besides an operating system, I need to paint the metal part of the case (it used to be a Sony CD-Rom drive) and finish the slabs of walnut that make up the sides of the case.

Like my home workstation, this box doesn't have any CD-ROM drive or floppy drive. I'll simply install the operating system from USB floppy and the network.

It's not even a particularly tight fit inside.


That PC Case mod is Sweet!! Was looking for a project ideas to make a unique PC case and came across your site! Keep up the good work!

Cole B Sun Sep 12 18:50:22 2004

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