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Slug 377S, rebuilt from RS-2 377

The LT&L’s fleet of RS-2s pretty much all evaporated in the 1966 purge of 244 power, but 3 units remained on the roster; 375 & 376 were rebuilt to low short hooded RS-251rs (v12 251s, 375 with a GE-style cab & 376 with a RS-32 style one) and 377 became a SL-2 (everything but the control cabinet & traction motor blowers ripped out, the radiator & most of the access doors stripped off and replaced with welded panels, and a shop built hood extension replacing where the cab used to be.

It eventually ended up mated with the BLWRS switcher, but until then spent most of its time hanging around with the two RS-251rs.

(It’s obviously not finished yet; I’ve a fairly substantial collection of things I need to do/add to it before I paint it and put it aside waiting for a railroad to run it on.)