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Frustration with trying to fit a dcc decoder (one of the tiny digitrax units that, alas, was not tiny enough) into a Kato rsd5 led me to grabbing the one remaining rs32 shell and dropping it onto the rsd5 frame to make a hypothetical rsd532 (somewhat like how the SP had Alco rebuild a bunch of their rsd5s into ‘12s, but this was done later enough so that Alco could make a more powerful rebuild.)

Alas, this is my one remaining rs32 shell and I might want to use the cab & short hood for another rsc2m (since 577 & 579 could have been purchased by another thrifty shortline in the Northeast or Atlantic Canada) so I will probably carve out a recess in one of the lead weights on the Kato unit so I can tuck the dcc decoder inside.