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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Installing macos

Dust Mite helps me try to install macos on a SSD-equipped 2011 macbook pro. Sadly, this one doesn’t have the firmware update that allows it to talk to a disk on a 6gb SATA channel (the 2011 mbp has a firmware defect that makes a 6gb channel unreliable, so any sustained i/o apparetly overloads the SATA controller, and then things go klunk), so trying to install is a festival of mysterious failures. We both agree that installing to rotating media is for the birds, but the alternative is spending money on a SSD.

(The repeated -6003F errors? The mbp gets it into its tiny little mind that it doesn’t need to ask about wifi, so no network and no recovery images to fetch from the network. c-o-p-r USUALLY fixes that wagon, but not always, and the keys are scattered all over the keyboard.)