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There’s a prototype for anything? Well, maybe not for this.

B-11 switcher

LT&L #10000 (ex PH&W 6, ex LT&L 1000) – a CLC VO-660 that broke its crankshaft after being sold to the PH&W , then was bought back for parts, handed off to the Montreal Terminal, dumped at the shops in Montreal, then (in 1970) dragged out of the partsline and rebuilt with the guts of an RS-11 that the LT&L bought on the used market to use as a switcher and then almost immediately wrecked in a runaway.

Behold! The mighty B-11, with much more horsepower than you’d ever want in a switcher, but normally operated coupled to a slug made from one of the LT&L’s RS2s after the PV&T did a great purge/rebuild of all of its pre-251 engined fleet. Amusingly, it’s assigned to the MTRR’s Plattsburg branch so it’s still wandering around in the general vicinity of where it blew up in the first place.