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Not raining, but the cold made up for it

A pair of SD70s approach Flavel Street Station

Last year, I rolled up to 8400 miles by riding out to Flavel St. in the pouring rain. This year I left 8400 miles behind a little before the 25th, but only managed to ride another 270 miles before the sun set on this, the last day of 2010. My grand total for this year was 8270.99 gps miles, with what seems to be an invariant 400 miles of missed/turned off/power lost/etc miles thrown in (this year included running out of power on the Three Capes R300, the Sellwood to Hood R300 checkride, the return from the Birkie, the return from the Skyline-Vernonia permanent, at least a dozen short 10-20 mile loops where the GPS had gotten unplugged the night before and surprised me by just not turning on, and the usual crop of missed miles where I stopped for one reason or another, turned off the GPS, but then forgot to turn it on until the average mph reading became so obviously wrong that I couldn’t help notice.)