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Staggering over the finish line


It took going out for a 12 mile loop in the rain, but I managed to push my recorded milage on the bike up over 8000 miles today; 8002½ gps recorded miles for the year (and somewhere in the ballpark of 8400 miles when you include the various out of power/accidentally turned off/forgot to turn on/didn’t carry trips I took.)

November & December were not exactly the most ridey months of the year; aside from the Verboort Flat Tire Extravaganza! and my attempt to ride the UGB 200k on the midlifecrisismobile (DNFed because I was running too slowly and needed to get home to go out to dinner with my family for my father’s birthday) none of my rides were over 40 miles. I still finished out the year having ridden 7 100+ mile loops (and another 25 100+ kilometer loops.)

Given any luck I’ll have dialed in the midlifecrisismobile by the time the days get long enough to run R300s without spending too much time paddling about in the dark.


Congratulation! I have maybe 2000+- miles this year..michael

Michael Lewallen Thu Dec 31 17:54:02 2009

Wow! 8,000 miles for the year is fantastic. I think I’m somewhere around 4,000. I predict 5,000+ for 2010. Glad you are still enjoying it.

Anna Thu Dec 31 20:20:40 2009

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