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A new engine for Portland Traction?

OPR 1413

Last friday I spotted this engine sitting in Brooklyn Yard, and thought hopefully that the Oregon Pacific had dragged EPT187 out of the siding where it’s sitting and painted it up as part of putting it back into service (there aren’t very many NW5s floating around, and it’s a shame to see it rotting away on a siding,) but today, when I looped through the Milwaukie industrial park to see if it had been moved down there, I discovered that it was not actually the NW5, but what appears to be a GM-Canada GMD1 roadswitcher.

Now that’s something new. That’s certainly bigger power than the new replacement working Eng! (OPR 1202) and I can’t imagine there’s the sort of freight on the rump EPT to justify it, so I guess it’s going to be tested here, then it will head south to live on the Molalla & Western.