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Bicycles are not healthy for lenses and other optical mechanisms

stupid stupid filter ring

When I got into work this morning I noticed, to my intense dismay, that the filter ring on my 55mm Super-Tak had followed the lead of my 50mm SMC lens and rattled its way loose from the rest of the lens.

Fortunately, this Takumar lens was made to be easier to assemble than my SMC is; if I get an eyeglass screwdriver it will be easy to (after dabbing the screws in lock-tite) screw the filter ring back on, then screw the bezel onto it. The SMC, on the other hand, will probably require that I drill holes into the sides of the focus ring so I can fit the screws back into the holes in the sides of the lens barrel (can’t just buy a new SMC f1.2, because in the three years since I bought mine the prices, even on ebay, have doubled and paying $500 for a piece of glass (even if it’s good glass) is much too rich for my blood.)

(You may ask why I want fast glass; this picture was taken at 1/60th second @ f1.8 with ambient light at work. That’s why.)