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Wow. I finished my project of the week more than 24 hours BEFORE the brevet I wanted to use it on.

MLCM & practice handlebag

I had to rename the handlebar bag to a practice bag, because in addition to the interfacing error and the sides being too short I also messed up the alignment of the lining (which is bright red, which makes the stitching painfully obvious.) But note the flashlight sitting jauntily on the front of the handlebar bag, so it can light my way if the dynamo light (which, if I get some time tomorrow I’ll move up to the top of the fork blade along with attaching a dynamo taillight to my saddlebag support) explodes on me.

It’ll be like the shoes the cobbler’s children wear, and it will stay on the mlcm until I either get sick of the errors or get around to brazing up the porteur rack (at which point the F15 will be removed from the bike and I’ll have to sew up a bag that ties to the rack instead of hanging from the handlebar bag mount.)

Now it’s time to make a fruitcake, set out some clothes, then charge up my cellphone & gps for the death march of the week on Saturday morning.


Have a good ride!!!

Anna Cannington Fri Apr 30 18:12:59 2010

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