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Not good for quick work

When I’m trying to sew things, it’s normally much faster if I do it on a sewing machine. But if I’m doing it during the time of day when the sun shines in through the tiny decorative window in the dining room and lands directly on the dining room table, my productivity drops off like a stone.

It’s hard to sew, you see, when you can’t see the fabric, the needle, or the line of the thread. And when I’m sewing interfacing, I need to be able to see the needle and the line of the thread so I can tell when the sewing machine is about to jam and leave a wad of thread mashed up against the fabric.

And after a while of this, I start getting nauseated, and have to just stop.

At which point I see a couple of seams where the sewing machine did jam on me. Sigh. And they’re on the loops that will hang the handlebar bag from the support. So they’re kind of obvious.

So I’ll need to add a hour or so to rethink the handlebar loops so that I won’t have to sew them during the afternoon.