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A “proper” saddlebag

A saddlebag schematic, drawn with the mouse in photoshop

When I don’t have a pad and pencil handy, I have to resort to using photoshop and the touchpad as my sketchpad. When the iPad jailbreaks get stable enough for people to port the Gimp to the iPad (or several of the MacOSinterfaced Gimp derivatives) I’ll be able to dump the Macbook Air and use an iPad as a tablet PC (with a keyboard! – The Apple world might think that using the iPad as a high-priced Kindle is just the thing, but I have more practical applications for a low-power touchscreen PC) instead.

(And tomorrow I’ll be cutting out the ~7×5 side panels for the saddlebag and sewing the carcass together before I go out on the line. If I can machine-sew the bulk of the saddlebag, I should have it in “attach to the bicycle and take it out for a few test runs” mode by wednesday afternoon.)