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Does it violate the Microsoft EULA for virtual PC….

... if I mention that it took approximately 1/100th as long to install Mastodon INST0067 on the Microsoft Windows version of Qemu+Kqemu as it did to install BETA0066 onto Virtual PC? (And INST0067 is a network-only installer, which worked just fine in a qemu environment. I had to use BETA0066 for the Virtual PC install because the only network card that Virtual PC gave me was an Intel e1000, which is, not too surprisingly, not supported by the 2.0.28+logo kernel that Mastodon uses. Qemu emulates an NE2000, which, since it's been around since the beginning of time, *is* supported by 2.0.28.)

Other things of note were that Microsoft Virtual PC pegged one of the processors on my laptop (== many extra watt/hours and a very loudly whirring fan) while the only time Qemu came close to pegging a processor was when I compiled Levee, Postoffice, and one of the fast greps from comp.unix.sources.

And neither of those emulators supported DMA on their emulated ide drives, so it wasn't a matter of DMA vs pio. Sure, Qemu was written by the scarily talented Fabrice Bellard, but surely Microsoft has some people who can club a virtualizer into running at reasonable speeds, no?