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Yes, I’ve got a hat

After quite a few years where it laid dormant despite the best efforts of various contributers to make me get off my butt and start working on the next release, I've finally decided to make another run at updating Mastodon to the next release.

Do I have the infrastructure up and running?

No, I do not; the old build machine is lying on the basement floor serving as a spider hotel even as we speak.

Do I have an architecture yet?


Do I have a development plan?


How about a version control system?

Uh, uh.

Have I made *any* preparations?

Well, yes, I've got a hat.

A hat?

Yes, a hat. A Linux distribution hat. A hat with "" on it. I got it at GoDaddy. And it lights up saying "" in great big neon letters, so you can maintain the distribution after dark when it's less stroppy.

I see, I see.

It's true. The domain name is the very first thing I've set up for the new development effort. The only other stuff I've got for it is various ideas that are running around in my head:

I'll probably stuff a wiki into so people can pester me for stuff that makes the code useful to people who don't live in Chateau Chaos. But as for right now I've got a hat, and that should be enough.