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New Code!

Postoffice has been pushed up to version 1.4.1. 1.4.1 is primarily a cleanup release that finishes incomplete parts of 1.4.0, but it includes a few bugfixes and portability enhancements.

Postoffice 1.4.1 may compile on 64 bit machines running recent versions of Ubuntu linux, too. After I released 1.4.0, I got email from Wink Saville with a bug report about not being able to detect the resolver library. After I fixed that (I was looking for the function res_query(), which doesn't seem to consistantly exist. The name res_query exists, but in many versions of resolv.h it's simply a #define to _resquery. I already had one problem with detecting the resolver (Darwin, as befitting a FreeBSD derivative, takes even more liberties with published interfaces than any Linux distribution would ever dream of. In this case you need to #define BIND_8_COMPAT before the resolver HEADER structure become visible [this bug was reported by Andres Saloman a few releases ago]) so I took this new bug as an excuse to put an AC_CHECK_RESOLVER function into which attempts to both detect the existance of a resolver library and the Darwin BIND_8_COMPAT brokenness) he reported that the code was dumping core in listq() when it attempted to call strftime() without first #includeing time.h, so I went through the code and added all the prerequisite #include's that were needed to properly prototype various library functions.

It's not all bugfixes, though. I did manage to write the manpage for usermap(7), so some of the official new 1.4 features are actually documented these days.